Board of Directors in Action

March 23, 2009
A Local Tree Problem

Another Board Member recommended "Wood Acres" from a previous good experience. They came out yesterday (3/21) to look at the Adams' tree. They sent an arborist for a free consultation who was directed to the tree-of-interest.

The arborist inspected the tree and the ground around the tree. He indicated the tree is healthy and is a fine example of an old growth tree. He felt the ground was solid and though the tree is growing at an angle to get sunlight that it was not at risk of shifting. He said the rot that we see at the top of the tree and which has caused occasional limbs to fall is normal for that big and old a tree and there is nothing to do about it. He did not recommend any action at this time.

Given that he represented a business, we gave every indication of wanting to do business if he recommended, and that he did not recommend any action I find there to be a certain amount of credibility to this information. We have his name and phone number if any one on the board or the Adams want to follow up with "Wood Acres".

Steven Adams was presented with the name and number and a detailed report of the diagnosis given by the arborist. He was pleased with the news and indicated that he did not consider any further action to be necessary.