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February 8, 2009

Rock Creek Hills II was founded in 1979 and has thrived as a desirable community ever since. This web site has been established to share information about our community and you should use it to your heart's content. We only ask that you contact the Board of Directors if you find this site useful or if there is content you feel should be included here.

You can find more about RCH II and its history from the links on this page. Past and present activities, Board Meeting notes, and photos can also be found here. Enjoy!

Board of Directors Public Meeting

February 2, 2009

Nearly half our homeowners attended the first public meeting of the new Board of Directors to discuss some of the current issues now before us all. The most popular topic is the Covenants and Restrictions document that represents "private laws" to which all of us must abide.

Equally important is the financial status of the funding that pays for maintenance of the Common Properties as well as unexpected expenses. Given that the Annual Dues have not been increased in over 10 years, the members agreed that an increase is inevitable. During the discussion, we learned that other near-by homeowner dues can be as much as $550 per year! Other HOAs have such expenses that their dues are collected monthly!

About Us

Your Board of Directors was elected in January 2008. They are your first contact for any and all matters relating to our neighborhood. More ...